The Doctor’s short and sweet Q and A


Q:  First question you have is why is this page so short?
A:  Because it could never be long enough without being TOO TOO long to answer all the questions I get.
The one BIG question I get hit with first and foremost…
Q: What equipment do you recommend?
A: For more than 30 years I have refused to lock in one any specific recommendation, due to the fact that I’ve seen too many units start out good and end up bad, or start out weak and end up good, until they get too big and start compromising for increased production and go bad later.

With that said, after all those years of saying: “I can’t recommend until I know what you are doing specifically…” I finally have a brand I will say: “If you are doing an OFF-GRID system and want brute strength and reliability, GET AIMS.”

Yes folks, after 30+ years of: “Don’t ask me for specifics, because I haven’t found anything specific, I like THAT much yet…”, someone finally built the inverter and controller I would design myself! AIMS.

As those of you that have followed me for a time know, I don’t like a lot of automation in a device you intend to “live off of”. Just more things to break down, and why the Xantrex and Outback units have let me down too often. Both being former loves. Aims does not have a whole bunch of bells and whistles. It simply gets the job done so well, YOU WON’T NEED THE BELLS AND WHISTLES.

Since 2018 I have been installing these units almost exclusively (anything else installed was by client choice - not mine). Once in and on, I CAN IGNORE THEM unless something took one out of service. They don’t fail on their own. Period. I’ve yet to see a “defective unit”, or one that quit for an unknown internal reason to date. With these units, I get to make people happy, not stressed over what they have and when it will fail.

As a result, you WILL find me on the Aims website as a Distributor down in Puerto Rico. You can call it “my ultimate endorsement”. BECAUSE I USE THEM, and they don’t let me down.


Q: What brand solar panels do you use?

A: I use what I can get, after comparing what I can get my hands on, as of 2018 and being Puerto Rico. However, when I get the choice from local suppliers (too hard to freight them down here) I will get Canadian Solar..

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